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Laapataa Ladies Trailer (Hindi) | Aamir Khan Productions

laapataa ladies

Prepare for a rollercoaster ride of laughter and chaos as Laapataa Ladies gears up for its much-anticipated release in the realm of Hindi cinema. Directed by Kiran Rao and produced by the dynamic duo Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao, along with Jyoti Deshpande under the banner of Aamir Khan Productions, the film promises a delightful blend of comedy and drama that is sure to leave audiences in splits. With the trailer now available, the stage is set for a heartwarming tale of two lost brides and the laughter that ensues.

The film boasts a stellar cast featuring Nitanshi Goel, Pratibha Ranta, Sparsh Shrivastava, Ravi Kishan, Chhaya Kadam, and others. Adding to the film’s charm is the musical brilliance of Ram Sampath, known for creating soulful and engaging soundscapes.

Laapataa Ladies is set against the backdrop of rural India in 2001, offering a nostalgic journey into the heart of the country. The story revolves around two young brides who find themselves lost on a train, setting the stage for a series of comedic misadventures. The quest to find the missing brides becomes a jolly mess, creating moments of hilarity that will resonate with audiences.

The film features Vikash Nowlakha as the Director of Photography, ensuring that the scenic beauty of rural India is captured with authenticity. Jabeen Merchant takes on the role of the editor, shaping the narrative into a seamless and engaging story that keeps audiences hooked from start to finish.

Laapataa Ladies is scheduled for a theatrical release on 1 March 2024, promising a perfect start to the month with laughter, entertainment, and a touch of rural charm.


Laapataa Ladies Trailer (Hindi) | Aamir Khan Productions

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Laapataa Ladies Trailer (Hindi) | Aamir Khan Productions

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