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Siren Teaser (Tamil) | Jayaram Ravi | Keerthy Suresh

Jayam Ravi and Keerthy Suresh's Siren teaser is out now

The much-awaited teaser for the upcoming film Siren has been released, offering a captivating sneak peek into the intense world of revenge. With a stellar cast featuring Jayam Ravi, Keerthy Suresh, and Anupama Parameswaran, Siren is poised to deliver an electrifying experience.

Directed and penned by the debutant Antony Bhagyaraj, Siren is set to be a compelling revenge thriller that follows the story of a former police officer. Falsely accused of a powerful man’s murder, the officer’s life takes a devastating turn when the man perpetrates a heinous act against his wife. Sentenced to prison, the officer’s determination for retribution intensifies during his time behind bars, shaping his quest for justice upon his release. Returning to the city, the ex-cop embarks on a relentless pursuit to confront the man responsible, channeling years of pent-up rage into his quest for vengeance.

The film promises a gripping narrative underscored by the music of G.V. Prakash Kumar, cinematography by Selva Kumar SK, and editing by Ruben. As anticipation mounts, Siren teases a riveting tale of retribution and the human pursuit of justice, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting its full revelation on the big screen.


Siren Teaser (Tamil) | Jayaram Ravi | Keerthy Suresh

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Siren Teaser (Tamil) | Jayaram Ravi | Keerthy Suresh

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