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Karthi announces his next film Sardar2


Karthi, a renowned figure in the Tamil film industry, has long been celebrated for his versatility and discerning approach to film selection. His innate ability to bring characters to life with a simple yet relatable portrayal has endeared him to a diverse range of audiences.

The 2022 action-packed thriller, Sardar, directed by PS Mithran, skillfully combined thrilling elements with a socially relevant subtext, resonating strongly with viewers. As Sardar marked its first anniversary on October 21st, Karthi seized the opportunity to extend his gratitude towards loyal fans and discerning audiences for their unwavering support. A delightful surprise was in store for his admirers as he officially confirmed the production of Sardar 2.

Taking to his social media channels, Karthi shared a heartwarming post on X (formerly Twitter), commemorating the film’s resounding success and the affection it received from his cherished fanbase. His words encapsulated the momentous occasion, “One year of Blockbuster #Sardar; Thank you my dear fans and audience for this great milestone. #Sardar2 loading soon.” Fans eagerly anticipate the sequel, poised to deliver another captivating cinematic experience.


Karthi announces his next film Sardar2

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Karthi announces his next film Sardar2

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