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Sreeleela dazzles in Varun Nidhika’s black peplum jacket set

Sreeleela dazzles in Varun Nidhika's midnight black peplum jacket set

In the world of fashion, elegance and bold statements often collide, creating a harmonious symphony of style. Actress Sreeleela recently stepped into the spotlight, captivating hearts and turning heads as she donned a stunning Midnight Black Peplum Top and Godet Pants ensemble designed by the acclaimed clothing brand Varun Nidhika. This mesmerizing outfit, adorned with hand-cut metallic pop-floral embroidery and godet detailing, was a true testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and artistic craftsmanship. Let’s delve into the details of this breathtaking attire that made Sreeleela a vision of grace and glamour.

Sreeleela’s fashion choice was nothing short of spectacular. She graced in a Midnight Black Peplum Top, a statement piece that exuded sophistication. The top, paired with Godet Pants in Silk Organza, showcased a masterful play of geometric and floral embroidery, bringing an artistic flair to the ensemble. The Akshi Peplum Jacket, making a bold statement, was a standout feature, accentuating the actress’s poise and style.

Completing the look with finesse, makeup artist Deepika Karnani added the perfect touch of glamour to Sreeleela’s appearance. The makeup highlighted the actress’s features, enhancing her natural beauty and complementing the sophistication of the ensemble.

Celebrity fashion stylist duo Ashwin Mawle and Hassan Khan played a pivotal role in curating Sreeleela’s captivating look. Their keen eye for style and trends ensured that every element of the ensemble, from the Midnight Black Peplum Top to the Godet Pants, came together seamlessly. Their collaboration with Sreeleela resulted in a fashion-forward statement that resonated with elegance.


Sreeleela dazzles in Varun Nidhika’s black peplum jacket set

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