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Lavanya Tripathi stuns in Anitha Reddy’s maroon saree

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In the world of glamour and style, actress Lavanya Tripathi continues to make waves not only with her stellar performances on screen but also with her impeccable fashion choices. Recently, the actress graced an event adorned in a stunning maroon silk tissue saree designed by Anitha Reddy, complemented by a divine Ram Darbar necklace from Tritiksha Gold Diamond Jewelers. Lavanya’s ethereal look seamlessly blended tradition with modern elegance, creating a visual masterpiece that left onlookers in awe.

Lavanya’s choice of Anitha Reddy’s maroon silk tissue saree exuded grace and sophistication. The rich maroon hue, combined with the delicate texture of the silk tissue, added a touch of opulence to the ensemble. The saree’s intricate craftsmanship and Anitha Reddy’s design sensibilities perfectly accentuated Lavanya’s natural beauty, making her a vision of grace and poise.

Adding the perfect finishing touch to her ensemble, Lavanya adorned herself with Tritiksha Gold Diamond Jewelers’ divine Ram Darbar necklace. Crafted in gold and embellished with diamonds, this exquisite piece of jewelry showcased meticulous artistry and timeless design. The divine Ram Darbar necklace elegantly graced Lavanya’s neckline, adding a touch of celestial charm to her overall look.


Lavanya Tripathi stuns in Anitha Reddy’s maroon saree

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Lavanya Tripathi stuns in Anitha Reddy’s maroon saree

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