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Lal Salaam Teaser (Tamil) | Rajinikanth | Vishnu Vishal | Aishwarya

Rajinikanth's Lal Salaam teaser is out now

The teaser for Lal Salaam has sent ripples of excitement through the film world. The film boasts a star-studded lineup, featuring Superstar Rajinikanth alongside an impressive cast including Vishnu Vishal, Vikranth, Senthil, and Jeevitha. Directed by Aishwarya Rajinikanth, the film is an upcoming sports drama that promises an engaging cinematic experience.

Under the production banner of Lyca Productions, Lal Salaam is helmed by the acclaimed director Aishwarya Rajinikanth and backed by the music maestro A.R. Rahman. The cinematography, led by Vishnu Rangasamy, is visually compelling, further enhancing the film’s allure.

Set for a theatrical release in January 2024, the film has been generating buzz, not just for Rajinikanth’s presence but also for its diverse and talented cast. With a focus on sports drama, Lal Salaam is anticipated to captivate audiences with its powerful narrative and engaging performances, setting the stage for an enthralling cinematic experience.


Lal Salaam Teaser (Tamil) | Rajinikanth | Vishnu Vishal | Aishwarya

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Lal Salaam Teaser (Tamil) | Rajinikanth | Vishnu Vishal | Aishwarya

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