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Rakul Preet Singh shines in Gaurav Gupta’s elegance

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Rakul Preet Singh, the epitome of grace and style in the Indian film industry, recently turned heads and set fashion aficionados abuzz as she adorned herself in a breathtaking ensemble crafted by the renowned designer Gaurav Gupta. The off-shoulder draped sequin dress in Graphite, featuring a heart-shaped sculpted bodice, became the canvas for Rakul’s radiant beauty and sartorial elegance.

Anshika Verma, the creative force behind Rakul’s impeccable styling, demonstrated a keen understanding of the actress’s persona and the occasion. The choice of Gaurav Gupta’s creation, coupled with the minimalistic yet impactful accessories, allowed Rakul’s natural beauty to take center stage. The stylist’s vision seamlessly aligned with the overall theme of sophistication and modern chic.

Rakul Preet Singh’s ethereal beauty was enhanced by the skilled hands of hair stylist Aliya Shaik and makeup artist Salim Sayed. The choice of a flawless makeup palette, complemented by soft waves in her hair, added a touch of classic charm to Rakul’s overall look. The result was a radiant and confident actress, exuding glamour and charisma.


Rakul Preet Singh shines in Gaurav Gupta’s elegance

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Rakul Preet Singh shines in Gaurav Gupta’s elegance

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