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Mark Antony set for OTT release | Vishal | S. J. Suryah | Ritu Varma

Vishal's Mark Antony is available on the OTT platform Prime video

Vishal Krishna and SJ Suryah are set to grace the screens once again, with their Tamil film “Mark Antony,” which is all set for its OTT premiere on Prime Video India. The film has garnered considerable attention and anticipation from fans, and they won’t have to wait much longer as the film is scheduled for its OTT release on October 13, making it a much-anticipated October treat.

Directed by Adhik Ravichandran, the film is known for its captivating and entertaining retro-style drama, which has resonated well with audiences. Ritu Varma and Abhinaya play pivotal roles in the movie alongside Vishal and SJ Suryah.

“Mark Antony” follows the intriguing story of two gangsters, Mark and Antony, who stumble upon a mobile phone with a unique ability – time travel. Adhik Ravichandran, who wrote and directed the film, successfully combined elements of action, drama, and science fiction, making it a standout feature in Vishal’s career.

The film’s music, a critical element in any Indian film, is crafted by the talented GV Prakash Kumar, and it promises to enhance the viewing experience. Abinandhan Ramanujam serves as the cinematographer, ensuring visually stunning sequences, while Vijay Velukutty handles the editing.

Additionally, the film features notable appearances by Sunil and Selvaraghavan, further adding depth to the storyline. “Mark Antony” originally hit the theaters on September 15, receiving appreciation for its innovative plot and compelling performances.

With the OTT premiere on Prime Video India, audiences across the globe will have the opportunity to dive into this remarkable cinematic journey on October 13. Mark your calendars for this exciting Tamil film that seamlessly blends action, drama, and science fiction into one compelling narrative.


Mark Antony set for OTT release | Vishal | S. J. Suryah | Ritu Varma

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Mark Antony set for OTT release | Vishal | S. J. Suryah | Ritu Varma

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